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  • Difficulty: Mid to High A Class
  • Duration: 5:15
  • Price: $1,200
  • Movement 1: (2:10)
  • Movement 2: (1:35)
  • Movement 3: (1:35)
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  • Description:
          A desolate landscape, lost in the desert, nomads roaming the dunes, the ultimate search for water, "Mirage" brings the audience into a unique collection of images in an unforgiving environment. Lots of warm desert colors throughout to set the mood. The details of this show could be widely interpreted depending on your visual team's approach. This show can be as vague or as literal as you would like. The final push is the epic discovery of water and the idea is to completely drench the set with blue in any and every way possible to totally change the color palette.
          This show was originally commissioned for the fall of 2012 and was released for the 2014 indoor season. It was a WGI Open Class finalist in 2014 with Trumbull HS. This is a custom version adapted for indoor percussion.

    • Snare
    • Tenor
    • 4 & 5 Bass Drums
    • Cymbals
    • 3 Marimbas
    • Xylophone/Crotales
    • Glockenspiel
    • 3 Vibes
    • 2 Aux. Percussion
    • Drum Set
    • 2 Synthesizers
    Multiple Versions:
    • Not sure which version fits you best?
    • Reserve both for no additional cost!
    Custom Instrumentation:
    • We can customize anything for an additional cost
    • Contact us for additional information
    What you get:
    •  PDF files for all movements including full scores, battery scores and all individual parts
    •  MP3 recordings for full ensemble, click tracks and battery percussion only
    •  New system with individual wav files for the provided samples
    •   Count Sheets for each Movement in Excel and PDF file formats
    •  Personal web page with a username and password to access all your ensembles information
    Original Performance Video for reference: